About Us

About Us

We have been in India since 4 Decades as one of the renowned uniform supplier named as “Hajee Bhai & Sons” catering business & serve schools and corporate customers and now SPREADING OUR WINGS in UAE as “Knieper Blues Uniforms Trading LLC” to serve the School & community. Using in-house designers based in Dubai and India and buying offices spread out across key global sourcing locations we have improved supplying function as per customers needs.
Our Company CEO, Mr. Mohammed Imran is an inspiration to all employees. Our Board of Directors are committed to continuous improvement, innovation by implementing international standards. Over the years, we strive in developing a strong company culture on giving back to community. Knieper Blues are proud of being supporting diversity, and equality in our employment.

Best quality and Just-in-time production

We at Knieper Blues will cater www-world warmest welcome to every guest who buy and deals for uniforms & provide the best customer service in town. Our fabrics are cherry picked from the factory from China and India and other part of the world.
Our Parents and wards will be very proud to wear every uniform they purchase for which every uniforms has literally gone through very high production and the quality team at Knieper Blues.
We strive to be best in town by providing the best sewn uniforms for our Students for Life and by listening first act fast process, With best production from our associates and a class of quality process in place and just in time production.

Durable and eco friendly

We create the best product in terms of functionality and durability. We do everything with passion and to exceed our clients expectations. We are Creative in design, and creative in providing solutions. 

We believe that a high-quality uniform with a good design can also be affordable. We care about the health, safety and welfare of our employees, suppliers, and visitors. Knieper Blues is certified for the ISO 9001 Quality Management, and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems alongside with the ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System.

Our Mission

Knieper Blues mission is to conceptualize, design, manufacture, and distribute quality merchandise and customized uniforms. We thrive on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. Our mission is to deliver all of our products & services with top-notch Service, Price, and Quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a customer-centric, one-stop-shop where all customized school uniforms are ready and made available to fulfill the customer needs. We strive to build an organization that grows sustainably We endeavor to keep raising the bar and we have set ourselves of Service, Price, and Quality. We put People at the center of everything we do, We design garments that people actually love to wear. In an era of mass production and standardization, Knieper Blues uniforms excels at recognizing and highlighting the differences which give a sense of place.


Our knowledge has been methodically built via a work culture that aims for perfection in every project that we do, backed by almost a decade of experience in the business.

All of our processes are integrated under one roof, from cutting to stitching to finishing and packing, giving us significant flexibility in managing projects where we work to client specifications.

We can also plan, create, and implement projects with shorter lead times thanks to integration. Our customers are a reflection of our industry expertise and commitment to our job. 


We are known for offering products that are built to the customer's satisfaction. If you ask us how we do it?
● We assure that to deal with fabric that meets or exceeds required standards.
● Only the highest-quality materials are used, which will give you excellent value for your money as well as superior experience.
● Our supply networks are loyal and dedicated since we work with experienced and established partners.
● Knieper Blues is constantly developing new styles and developing new fabrics to ensure that our clients receive only the best.
● With Knieper Blues, you can count on prompt deliveries, excellent quality, and product innovation.


Our designers capture the essence of your institution, taking into account the practice requirement of
your location and climate.


We have our own In-House Manufacturing Facility which gives us greater control over the
entire Product Process and Quality.


We follow sizes based on International standard, So that you can easily collect the accurate sizes
and it’s for sure fits all.


We use the best alternative for your shipment and use the most reliable and effective network
to ensure on time Delivery of products.