Knieper Blues are Creative souls. We believe in attention to detail. Therefore we go Extra Miles to create customized looks that you merit.
Over the years, we accumulated a vast amount of data having worked with hundreds of thousands of employees and students this enables us to develop uniforms - specially crafted for your organisation's and schools needs.

Quality Control

Knieper Blues follow a strict quality control measures. Samples are produced based on bespoke designs which are then tested to ensure that they meet or exceed client specification requirements. In addition to the above, regular inspections are also carried out at various stages during production to ensure that all client specifications have been met.

Manufacturing and

Equipped by the latest technologies of industry, our in house manufacturing and sourcing facility enables us to manage a fully controlled processes with cost and environmentally effective solutions in shorter lead times.
Our success is SOURCING is based on not only our own capabilities, but also the capabilities of our partners. We are proud to be partners of the best fabric, trim and accessories suppliers in India, China & Europe. Knieper Blues sources all its products through its buying officers located in various key global locations.

School Locations

At the beginning of every new school year, Knieper Blues will be conducting sales either at the school or at its retail outlets on pre-determined dates which will be communicated by the school management to all parents.
Onsite Selling’ of uniforms from the school premises. Parents could purchase full sets of uniforms and avail of all the services during this selling period, whereby parents could pay by either Cash/Credit and order for goods and get it delivered to the school premises for convenient pick up.

Web Shop

The Web shop is customized for parents to order online as per their needs and requirement. The key business benefits of the system are:
• Automated Process
• Improvement to Service
• Management Control
• System Controlled Activity

Knieper Blues Personal Shop

We provide a personal shop experience to which we can visit the clients house, get them measured up and have uniforms delivered between 4 – 5 days without parents/students visiting the store locations. This is a paid service.

Alteration & 'Made to Measure'

We offer alteration service on all our garment purchase, The lead time for alterations is between 3 – 5 working days.
A ‘Made to Measure’ service is also provided to all students who don’t fit in the prescribed Size Grid of ready made uniforms, Made to measure is slight expensive . The lead time for ‘Made to Measure’ is between 10 – 14 workings

Name Tags

Our new Name tag machines instantly print name tags within seconds, which are a much easy alternative to stitch on ones. They can be used to variety of items and are more durable. This service is mobile and is offered also on an onsite selling basis.

Launching Soon

Uniforms On Wheels

Parents no longer need to go to a busy store and go through the hassle of traffic, parking and chasing the kids across a store to do a Uniform errand, we bring the Uniform Bus to them.